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Myles Cameron – LED

Words: Nishant Karvinkop




“LED” is Myles’ second and final single from the body of work Black Sheep, following up the stellar “Counting Sheep” that was premiered on Zane Lowe. On this track, Myles continues to show how he can step away from any genre molds alongside producer Frankie Scoca, who also helps inject left-of-center production to help lift the vocals. The single continues an atmosphere that contrasts his last EP, one that brings in alluring, late-night atmospheres, both thematically and sonically, and in other aspects as well, Myles’ confident tones and heartfelt songwriting, help knit this song together beautifully.


“LED was one of the first demos we made after Lonely Suburban Black boy and pretty much set the tone for where I wanted this project to live. It’s dark and hazy and processed. It was inspired by a moment of intimacy I had with someone where neither of us were really looking for anything more out of it at the time.”














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