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Myles Cameron – Counting Sheep

 Words : Nishant Karvinkop


Hailing from Westchester NY 22-year old artist Myles Cameron writes music exploring his experiences growing up in American suburbia. Myles began dabbling in songwriting in his early teens, then took it a step further after meeting now-collaborator and producer Frankis through Soundcloud in 2015, which has led to a tape titled ‘ everwanted ’ the single “Caged Bird” and his summer EP ‘Lonely Suburban Blackboy’ that dropped earlier this year. The body of work proved to be a strong one for Myles, getting support from the likes of Pigeons & Planes, VICE, Hypebeast, Beats1 w/ Julie Adenuaga, BBC, Ones To Watch, Spotify, Apple and several other tastemakers in the industry.

“Counting Sheep” is the first single from Myles’ sophomore EP Black Sheep and on the stand- out track Myles’ warm, sultry baritone melds stunningly with frequent collaborator Frankis’ production. The NY based singer continues to portray close-to-heart, brilliant songwriting too, knitting together a winter atmosphere you’ll find yourself coming back to more than once.

“Counting Sheep happened while we were recording in my grandparents’ house one weekend in August. I’d had the idea for the story told in the lyrics for a little while, but I didn’t have the emotional ammo to write it until I met this girl and literally had the experience I’d been trying to write about.

I wrote the chords and then our homie, Common minds, who was staying with us started humming this little melody. I basically forced him to record it (he’s not a singer, but autotune fixed that) which became the intro. Once we had those two elements down the rest of the song just materialized in 30 minutes. Our friend Corey from the band Bathe added the killer guitar solo at the end.”



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