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MOODIndigo – “Leaf Man (A Bird in NY)"

Words: Nishant Karvinkop


Moodindigo is the moniker of Brooklyn-based all-round artist Fred Mathisen, who’s in a vein of his own with the brand of hip-hop he’s carved out. The 21-year old, grew up in Norway, and was exposed to the deep roots of American music and art as a whole at a very young age, resulting in a sound and aesthetic that pays homage to his inspirations (Erykah Badu, A Tribe Called Quest, J Dilla, Jean-Michel Basquiat) as well as pushes his forth his close-to-heart emotions and creative expression.“Leaf Man (A Bird in NY)” is his debut single, and on it he portrays both his production and vocal prowess, combining lo-fi, jazz-influenced production alongside wavy, standout verses. The changeup halfway through as well, switches the atmosphere seamlessly, giving rise to smooth, repeat-worthy listen. There’s something for every listener with the single here, as the combination of hip-hop and indie sounds make it hugely accessible yet fresh, and as a whole gives an impeccably strong introduction to the world of MOODindigo.
“The idea for Leaf Man came to me in a space where I wasn’t dealing with some issues very well, and felt like I was constantly falling. I coined him Leaf Man, and the track is basically me tryna runaway from everything, on top of a psychedelic jazz influenced beat, which kinda sound like the intro of the film León. I got my homie Danny (who doesn’t make music but was chilling in the studio in Queens) to record some goofy ad libs and I ended up keeping them. The second part of the song after the beat switch is just a super mellow drunk dragging response to the first part.” - MOODindigo

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