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Loving Ourselves, Loving Each Other: Mahvish, Maham, Alvina & Iman

Valentine's Day Series


Sisters Mahvish, Maham, Alvina and Iman are all based in NYC, working in creative fields. 

How would each of you describe your relationship? What’s your favorite thing about your relationship?

Maham: We always have each other’s back. Through highs and lows, our support and love for each other is unconditional, also because we’re kinda stuck with each other forever ;)

Mahvish: what Maham said. :)

Compliment shower: name 5 things you love about one another.

Mahvish: Maham is funny, generous, intelligent, supportive and beautiful. Alvina is charming, witty, free-spirited, creative and selfless. Iman is articulate, hilarious, intelligent, empathetic, and a great listener.

Maham: Mahvish is gorgeous, classy, brilliant, compassionate and confident.

What are some of your love languages?

Alvina: Bringing me coffee and driving me around lol.

What color and animal do you feel best reflects the other person?

Alvina: We have this convo a lot for Mahvish - deep burgundy or red and giraffe, of course. Maham - sky blue and she's a baby lion, and Iman - lavender purple and she's 100% a sloth.

Maham: Alvina is a vibrant yellow like the sun and her animal is a butterfly.

Mahvish: Maham is a navy green and she’s a lion cub, specifically Simba. Alvina is a vibrant orange and she is a monkey. Iman is a lavender and she is a sloth.

How does your ethnic background / identity bring you closer? How does each of your upbringings effect your relationship?

Alvina: We all look back and remember the times we danced to Bollywood and ate good desi foods. We remember the times at Sunday school and our first concert being Sonu Nigam. We share so many memories that will forever keep us close bc those memories made us.

Mahvish: We’re proud of our Muslim and Pakistani cultural background. We were raised to value the importance of community and being of service to others. We are bonded by our love for south Asian food, clothing, music and cinema. I’m glad our parents raised us to speak Urdu and remember our ancestral history.

What are 5 qualities that you believe are essential to a healthy & happy relationship?

Alvina: Setting boundaries and understanding one another, showing support and encouragement, random acts of love (hugs, bringing a plate of fruit, etc.), communication and making time for one another.

Do you believe that relationships between womxn/femmes are essential to each of your wellbeing? Explain why these kinds of relationships are important for growth & safety?

Alvina: Having sisters is the best gift - as a woman you will never share a closer bond with another woman than with your sisters. They grow with you and build an unbreakable bond. I think we would all be friends even if we weren’t sisters because we are also a reflection of our wonderful parents. Having sisters also taught me how build strong relationships with friends and other women.

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