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Lo Village – “Terry Crews”

Words : Nishant Karvinkop



Maryland has been the budding ground for incredible musical talent for decades now, and Gaithersburg trio Lo Village is an act to add to the ever-growing list. Made up of Ama, Kane, and Tyler, the trio combines a plethora of R&B and hip-hop influences, giving rise to a culturally robust, standout sonic identity that they have spent several years crafting. The group had a busy 2019, with the release of their EP titled “It Takes A Village,” which saw support from outlets such as HYPEBEAST, Ones To Watch, Lyrcial Lemonade, Notion, and Earmilk. The group also received support from Spotify through placement on several of the platform’s branded playlists, including Fresh Finds, Mellow Bars, and Anti Pop — to name a few.

Lo Village has spent much of 2020 in the studio, taking on more socially and politically charged themes from a lyrical aspect. As the world sees a momentous shift regarding racial injustice and inequality, the group knew it was time to convey their truth through new music.

With another EP on the horizon titled ‘Lost In America,’ Lo Village is sharing their first cut from the project, “Terry Crews,” featuring the production of Frankie Scoca. The single comes with a pressing message for black celebrities who have become far removed from the daily struggles of African-Americans in 2020. Specifically, the track underscores the age-old lesson that fame, money, and clout don’t serve as an excuse to detach from your roots.

Ama, Kane, and Tyler exchange smooth, gliding verses alongside turbulent, wavy production from Frankie on “Terry Crews.” The track has an unavoidable bounce throughout, which balances it beautifully with the aforementioned issues conveyed, and the final result is both a timely and potent statement from the trio.

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