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CHLOBOCOP – “It’sNotOver”

Words: Nishant Karvinkop



Glasgow native CHLOBOCOP burst onto the scene only about a year ago and she’s already turning heads with her distinctive brand of pop/hip-hop. The 22-year old released NARCOTICS in 2019 and it’s become the centerpiece of both her trajectory and rapid success as an artist. Gravitating towards more dark atmospheres sonically, combined with a consistent red-inclined visual aesthetic, Chloe breaks through the social media noise by staying fiery and true to herself through and through. Having taken a hiatus much of 2020, CHLOBOCOP is now taking on a more pop-leaning approach as a whole, and is without question set to take the music world by storm in the months to come. 


Days after the first lockdown was lifted, CHLOBOCOP jumped on a train from London to Paris to link with her producer and close friend Sūn Jùn. A summer night driven by insouciance led to the creation of “It'sNotOver”. It all started from a WhatsApp voice note from Sūn Jùn playing a guitar chord progression. After the very first listen, Chloe connected with it immediately and went downstairs to the studio, and they both completed the track within one session.

Her last single saw the likes of Complex UK, CLASH, FACE, Pigeons & Planes, Ones To Watch and tons of Spotify playlist support (Anti Pop, Shisha Lounge, Outliers, Fresh Finds cover and more).

Stepping away from her more rap-heavy approach, the single bridges the gap between her pop sensibilities and her signature hip-hop tone making for an emotive, repeat-worthy listen. 

Chloe is set for a busy 2021, gracing fans with a taste of what's to come with this single. She'll be in heavy release mode from February onwards going into the summer, and expect the visuals to couple the music in sublime fashion too.



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